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I met a mysterious API bug during the API maintenance, which is caused by an unexpected timeout by the client-side when using Nginx, in this article, I will talk about:

Comprehends the codes more than you thought.

My case when doing code trace on dotenv

What is code trace

Imagine you’re co-work with others, you can read documents, sync with the code owner, execute the programs via an easy-to-use API or function call, but do you know how does it work? Can you find the bug when the program crashes or doesn’t work?

Code trace is like we are simulating the computer, running the programs…


Everything you should know about the AZ-900.

Badge of Azure Fundamentals

About Virtual Training

What is virtual training?

Virtual training is the online course to learn about Azure, for AZ-900, the virtual training takes 2 days, each day 3 hours.

Should I go for it?

I would say it depends…

8 ways that you can find the intersection with TypeScript

What is an Intersection?

Assume we have 2 arrays:

If we want to find out what’s the intersection of these two arrays, which is:

We normally for-loop 2 arrays and compares the value, which…

Badge of Azure Fundamentals


現職公司的各式服務採用整組 Microsoft,除了標配 Office 365 及 Teams, 連雲端服務都是用 Azure 的,或許這樣公司被歸在 Azure Partner不時有 Online Event,Online Training 及 Exam Discount,這次透過機會上了免費的 Virtual Training 以及考取 Azure Fundamentals!

關於 Virtual Training

什麼是 Virtual Training?

AZ-900 的 Virtual Training 是為期兩天,各約三小時的線上虛擬課程,採用 webinar 授課。主要是以 AZ-900 的 learnin …

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